Make Your Event Unique with E&J’s Photobooth!

Curious about our process once we arrive at your event? Take a look below for more details:

  1. We like to arrive 45 mins to one hour before the event begins for booth spacing, equipment set up and booth photo testing. ( After these steps are accomplished, we love to take photos with our event host before the official fun begins ) 
  2. As the guests begin to arrive, our booths’ constant bright lights will draw them near out of curiosity and no worries we’ll take it from there!
  3. After welcoming each guest, they will have the option to take a photo, GIF, Boomerang or video depending on the event package the host requested prior. 
  4. With E & J’s owners on site to assist, we’ll be behind the booth to press each option ( Photo, GIF, Boomerang, Video ) so you won’t have to worry about it. 
  5. After capturing your favorite shot on the booth, guests will have the option to receive their picture via Text Message, Email or AirDrop.

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We look forward to creating memorable experiences with you during your next event!